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Is a resource of knowledge, skills and practices and therapies open to people who actively seek self-betterment.

The instruction, guidance and therapeutic treatments provide safe, accessible and clear tools to increase happiness and peace.

The Yoga Is For Happiness &

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mission is:

To empower and inspire all people to discover the keys to happiness and peace within themselves.

To offer powerful practices, guidance and therapies as easily accessible tools for becoming evermore joyous.

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Upcoming Events




 Ashtanga Yoga Charlottseville


5:30 to 7:00pm

Explore the balance between asana, pranayama and guided meditation and how these elements fit together into the complete practice of yoga. Each class will focus on a specific chakra (energetic center) and the body systems, practices and awareness that relate to it.

Understand and apply tools for gentle but potent expansion. Learn how to regulate prana flow and develop a transformative awareness of both the physical and subtle bodies. Grow in strength and flexibility and  refine your nervous system through breathing practices and mental focus. 



 Ashtanga Yoga Charlottseville



Yoga Hypnosis is a seamless fusion between a light hypnotic trance, gentle yoga asana and breathing. Experience a 90 minute Yin Yoga-based asana practice combined with deep meditative states that lead to a clear awareness of the body-mind connection.

While in a hypnotic trance the asanas and breathing practices are performed prone, supine or seated, with closed eyes. The objective is to release the innate body-mind intelligence of the student by suspending the conscious mind.

In this unique yoga practice competition is removed and self-critique is deflected.  A deep release into body posture and breath awareness opens as the students practice from a more subconscious-active/meditative state. Suitable for beginners or advanced.


Clear Feedback

“Tina has been one of my best friends and most profound teachers for 6 years. It seems hard at times to write about such people that so completely change your life at the level that Tina has.

But these teachings that Tina shares are too important to the evolution of our planet to not speak of and recommend to others. She has with such humility and deep compassion offered me various pranayama, mantra, meditation, hypno yoga sessions, and the written word to study from. This wellspring of knowledge that she holds comes from her many years of study and self-practice.

I have many times fallen out of my practices but, always, always, come back to them, and immediately feel the potency and truth within them. They have assisted my transition through so many emotionally turbulent times, fostering a deep grounded strength, that is priceless.

If any of you have the opportunity to be able to learn from Tina, in whatever capacity, you should not hesitate. Be ready to take in teachings that will inspire you to practice and evolve for life.Many blessings on your path,”

-Anjani Visan, Yoga Instructor: Yoga Oasis and Tucson Yoga .Tucson, AZ

My experience with the yoga classes were all I hoped for. I felt Tina took it exactly from where I was, experience-wise and developed it from there. Every asana she taught me was taght in great detail and yet in a very simple way.

-Markus. Stockholm, Sweden

Tina, you are a beacon of light and I am so grateful to have been a part of the energy and intention you poured into Tucson! I can’t wait to learn more from you and continue to integrate the practices you shared with us! So much love.

-Lauren. Arizona, USA